Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Sample of My Shoe Box Swap for Convention

After a VERY late night last night protecting a VERY nervous 15year old Pomeranian from the thunder and lighening we had (from 1:30 to 4:15 am) I felt I should start designing more of my convention items so I got busy tonight and actually remembered to film it for my CD' and DVD's I will be offering for sale in the future. I decided to make a fancy folds 3D card for my Late Night Stampers Pre-Convention swap so here it is.....looks hard, but really isn't once you get the hang of it.....I also worked on my WOW's demonstration for Monday night Late Night Stampers Pre-Convention and I think it will really WOW everyone....Will post more as soon as I can find my work table top......
Pretty amazing huh???? This card will be offered in my fancy folds CD or DVD in the near future..... Sorry for the short post, but the night is late and I'm to nervous about tomorrows retired list!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend of Stamping and Sunshine.....

What a beautiful Montana weekend we had. Since we now get Fridays off from school I am able to sit in my "cave" and play all day, well until Jerry gets home anyway....This Friday I was able to almost finish my 3x3 cards for Virginia's Love Notes swap at convention, just need to wait for the retired list to come out on Wednesday to finish. I also completed 35 general swap cards, designed two 3D swaps, thought about my Scrapbook swaps, and got myself into a stamping on silk swap.....YIKES, that could be interesting as I have never done that sort of thing before.
Saturday morning brought rain, so that meant it was time to clean house while Jerry took care of some much needed burning and fixing of the the afternoon the sun came out and there was no staying inside anymore. The afternoon was spent in our greenhouse transplanting tomatoes 90 of them! Anyone need tomato plants?????
I started cleaning some of my winter carryover plants and picked some pansies to play with in my stamping room....I will post the results tomorrow!!! One card I'm so proud of I plan to submit it for the contest at convention!!!!
Sunday brought beautiful weather and a husband with a very sore back, so we took a drive to Sandpoint, ID. and just enjoyed the drive and a nice meal. Sometimes you just have to take the time to enjoy the day without the worry of work......but Monday came and back to the grind..........

Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's Give This Another Try

So I have been sorely lacking in the posting on my blog department....I knew that, but it really didn't hit me until I finally found time go on my blog to see how neglected it was......I hadn't posted since JULY of 2010!!! OMG as the kids would say. Well I'm going to try to get better at updates, pictures, keep checking in on my progress. With that said I will let you know now it may be rather sad at times as my mom was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatments for it. She is constantly on my mind and I just pray that the chemo and radiation will work. To loose both parents to such a mean, degrading disease is unthinkable.

To help keep my mind from running a muck I am currently preparing for the Stampin'Up! Convention that is held in Salt Lake each year. I have ideas running through my head day and night for the various swaps I have committed to, along with the general swaps I always find fun and amusing. General swaps are almost like a shark feeding frenzy really...kind of fun to go on the upper level of the convention center and watch the action, but then you start feeling left out, so you rush into the frenzy!!!!

Well friends, please give me some time and I will change my header (Christmas still) and have this site up and running in no time....but for now I hear my cave calling me.....