Monday, September 17, 2012

It was a busy weekend for this girl.....Jerry went fishing on Friday, so I got busy with everything BUT what I had intended to do--clean my "cave".... I went to Kalispell for a quick shopping trip, once home (7 hours later) I stamped for the Tacoma Regional. On Sunday I picked tomatoes which resulted in this...
20 half pints of Salsa While the Salsa was cooking down I cleaned the house, and I made this
I then painted this the color!
Busy, busy, busy....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I've been neglectful again....

I have been so neglectful of my poor blog again..I promised myself I would try harder to keep the blog up, but sometimes life throws you some unexpected curves and you just have take a deep breath. I was doing great until the end of July, that is when the world just started spinning on me. It started with a visit to my mom's home late July to see my favorite Aunt and Uncle from Oklahoma. It had be a couple of years since I last saw them and just was not ready for the decline in their health, that coupled with the decline in my mothers health started the spin. Back home I had so much to do that what usually seemed simple became overwhelming, so very little got done. I was looking forward to starting back to work when the final blow came. Our beloved pet of almost 16 years finally said she just couldn't continue with us.
Putty may have been small in stature but she was huge in personality and compassion. She is still missed, but now she is no longer in pain and able to run with all her friends in heaven. Well my deep breath is over and I'm back. It felt so good to be back in my "cave" creating cards and scrapbook pages again for this weeks clubs. This weekend Jerry will be going to Sequim to do some visiting and fishing so that means I can 1) Stay up as late as I want creating cards for the Tacoma Regional on September 29. 2) Tear apart my craft room and put up more selves 3) Go to Missoula for a "pamper me" day. 4) Eat popcorn for dinner Oh so many things to do that when he gets home on Tuesday I'm hoping I have had enough time. I would also like to welcome my new downline Becky and send brave thoughts to her today. She is demonstrating at her first party today and is just a little nervous about it. I know she will do wonderful! Just wish I could be there to help calm those nerves. Good Luck Becky!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been so busy for the last couple of days, oh my....I really do want to start back to work soon just so I can stay home!! Right now I am in the Yakima Valley of Washington State. I grew up here and mom and all my siblings still live here. Mom is doing better now, her second round of chemo really tested her strength. Right now her older sister (and my favorite aunt and uncle) are visiting from Oklahoma. They brought the cutest little chihuahua with them. If I hadn't agreed with Jerry that once our three dogs are gone we wouldn't get anymore I would be hiding that little guy in my pocket and bringing him home with me! His ears are as big as his whole body!!! Worked a little tonight on general swaps for the Tacoma Regionals with one of my nieces....tomorrow we will do more, but she had a cranky baby and a husband (my nephew) who apparently doesn't know how to care for his child. We need to talk. Good night for now, it has been a long day of driving, visiting and card making....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh My What Happened to My Power??

I spent a good part of my day yesterday driving to Trout Creek to visit Becky, who contacted me about becoming a demonstrator just before I left for convention. I met some of her friends, did a scrapbook wooden block craft, (which I was very nervous about since I really had no idea of what to expect and what to bring), and had a wonderful time! They were welcoming, delightful ladies who were VERY excited to hear that Becky was becoming a Stampin Up! Demonstrator….they started planning who would hold the first party! Although I haven’t taken the time to complete it here is what I accomplished while there.
When finished it will go to Alaska for Mandy's desk. Her "kinders" love seeing family pictures of Mrs. Fausett. Thanks ladies for an enjoyable morning! Day 3 of being home I decided it was time for me to be semi-productive. Finish laundry, clean my stamping room to get ready for my upcoming events, more traveling and the Tacoma Regional’s (yes Nicole I have decided to come) but the Stampin' Up! "Gods" were against that! NO ELECTRICITY!! At 10 am the power went out on me. Now in Montana that isn’t so unusual so I finished my coffee, checked my e-mail (love those lap tops), read a little. At 11:17 I decided to call the power company and found out that while I was at convention I missed the memo about a planned power outage in my area until 4 pm tonight! So I have now taken the soggy laundry that was sitting in a full tub of water out, wrung it as best as I could, put it on the line to keep it from getting yucky. My plans for cleaning are out the window since I have no water, so what am I to do???? OH I KNOW.
Enjoy the patio and sort my swaps!!! Wish I had made more ice tea before I lost my water!!! Since starting this post plans may have changed again!! Isn't it amazing how that happens? It seems Stampin' Up just wants me to play....look what just arrived!!
This is the package I ordered while at convention! Yippy!!...I've got to go!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home Safely

Well after a nine hour drive I am home safely surrounded by swaps, swaps, more swaps and laundry!!! The laundry is mine from my week stay in Salt Lake, Jerry did his before I came home. Had such an amazing time at convention! I met so many wonderful ladies from all over the country, not to mention most provinces Canada and Puerto Rico. You are all so amazing! But that isn't the only reason we attend Stampin Up conventions. We go to learn and learn I did! All in all I had one massage, shopped Momento Mall every chance I got, I was the hostess of no less than five swaps, participated in 8 swaps, handed out general swaps and attended 10, (yes 10)classes. Speaking of the classes I have to say Stampin' Up! does a great job of selecting their instructors. They are informative, helpful and just down right funny and well human, but isn't that what Stampin' Up! is all about....being human and kind? I was most interested in the I am Earning an Incentive Trip class. I mean doesn't everyone want to go on a free trip? With the help of Karen Hauley, Jill Hilliard, Meg Holland and Cynthia Millan you can make it happen, so that is my goal. As of right now I have a downline of 2, but just today I had someone contact me wanting to become a exciting for us both. The good news right now is if you join in the month of August you qualify to get the Halloween package pictured below also.
Isn't is so cute? The good thing about this is you can switch it up so you can use this cute tray to decorate you house all year long. If you want to own your own business for only $99, get this free promotion and come join me for Convention 2013 (July 18-20 2013) go here Stampin' Up! Demonstrator click on join the fun and complete the online application! It is that easy. Now for one more Convention 2012 swap from me...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Convention 2012 Highlights

Just so you can see I'm not the only one who loves the Stampin Up Company!!!!

Convention 2012 Lip Dub!